What I bring to the table:

We've all been in meetings where we talk about 10,000 foot concepts and dream about all the things we could do and be. Then we walk out the door and all those great ideas, those inspired dreams and visions, are never fully realized – if at all.

Something gets lost between the dreaming and the do-ing. The do-ers have a hard time seeing through the cloud of problems. The dreamers can't seem to translate their ideas into action. That's where I come in.

I'm able to dream big and look beyond the current reality, seeing connections, synergies and possibilities most overlook. I also have the understanding of sound process to see potential limitations that inhibit long-term sustainability. Most importantly, I possess a strong intuition for seeing gaps between concept and implementation, leading to achievable, real-world solutions.


Who I am:

I am a strategist – Part designer, part analyst, part builder, part innovator – transcending the gap between vision and implementation, creativity and practicality.

I am a simplifier – Someone who cuts to the core of what is needed and what's important, breaking down a complex tangle of symptoms to the root issue(s). With a clear objective, I build step-by-step – intentionally adding only elements that lead to more intuitive, attractive, efficient, and enjoyable solutions.

I am an optimizer – Seeing the potential for what could be as well as challenges and shortcomings, I constantly strive to create excellence. This allows me to drive teams and projects to new levels of success, establishing a baseline of quality and solid platforms for innovation.

I am a learner – I'm able to quickly digest information and principles, pulling out key, relevant pieces of information. This allows me to quickly grasp context and contribute to a variety of scenarios.

My Last Job:  Director of Creative Strategy,  Adventures in Missions

As Creative Strategy Director for Adventures in Missions (since Feb. 2012), I led our organization in turning values, beliefs, goals, and ideas into actionable solutions. This included finding progressive opportunities for innovation on all levels as well as building and championing brand through identity, communication, and culture.

As a leading member of our in-house marketing team, I focused on increasing brand awareness, participation (sales), and quality of customer experience for more than 10 unique programs. I made this happen through continual improvement of strategic frameworks on which story-based content-, and permission-marketing principles were executed.

I also coached a creative team of 10+ videographers, photographers, graphic designers, and web developers. Together we built and drove dynamic marketing campaigns with the goal of inviting our audience into compelling stories – moving them to action. More than just concepts or brand identity standards, I helped develop the team's creative capacity, pushing them to look beyond their current capabilities and challenging them to new levels of excellence. The result was an inspired group of creative professionals who are not only really good at what they do, but love working together.

What I'm good at   (click to expand):

+ Identifying growth opportunities.

+ Leading ideas to implementation.

+ Translating values into culture.

+ Brand architecture.

+ Multi-disciplinary creative management.

+ Adobe Creative Suite


My education:

B.S. Industrial Design
Georgia Institute of Technology
August 2005–May 2009
3.3 GPA (cum laude)

Past experience:

Innovation Design ManagerKingdom Dreams, Adventures in Missions (Feb. 2011–Feb. 2012)
+ Launched back into the working world by building a new program from the ground up as part of an in-house start-up initiative at a $20 million-per-year nonprofit.

International Missionary the World Race, Adventures in Missions (Jan. 2010–Nov. 2010)
Put my career on hold for a year while serving as a missionary overseas. Traveled to 11 countries in 11 months, working with a variety of local ministries and non-profits along the way.

Freelance Graphic Designer/Consultant (Oct. 2006–Dec. 2009)
Aided 20+ companies and organizations in identity creation, development, and renovation, collaborating closely with clients and providing creative guidance. Delivered multi-platform solutions including web, digital, and print materials.

Industrial/Graphic Design Intern Info Retail (now InReality) (Apr. 2008–Aug. 2008)
Got my first taste of the design workforce at a mid-sized design firm specializing in point-of-purchase, showroom, and trade-show displays.